Saturday, March 13, 2010

Still feeling awful but mommy is a 24/7 job

I'm sure if I just had some downtime and rest I'd lick this congestion thing quicker. Sadly this isn't meant to be. Why is it that daddies can turn into babies when they get sick but us mommies have to be the strong tough soldiers?
Anyway, DH was really sweet and has been the last few days. He's skipped his gym routine for 3 days straight! He has been here helping me get TG to bed and everything. This hasn't been easy as her sleep schedule is all out of whack. Since she's gotten ill it has gone from a usual 1pm nap and 8pm bedtime to 2pm nap and 9-10pm bedtime. It has been brutal. As I've said before, it's not that she passes out at 9 or 10 that is the hardest part. That's hard because I know what that means for the morning but what's hard is how TG still wants to have her usual routine (bathroom, diaper, pjs, lotion, hair, story, prayers, singing) and at the usual time (7:30/8).
It's gotten to the point where I repeat the Mrs. Sears mantra daily (how you just have to go with the flow with your night owl child but try to keep a quiet serene evening environment).
DH thinks that part of the issue is how TG is too attached. I think this stems from TG's preferences for me when it comes to doing anything except play. Play is cool with Daddy but for everything else including the mundane tasks (holding a book, changing her doll's diaper, etc) Mommy is the preferred choice. She's now even doing this pull her hand out and shaking her hand and saying, "No No No. See you."
I don't think TG is too attached. I think it's just a phase. Some friends have suggested that she prefers me as I'm not around as often as DH. Others say it may be harder for him to grasp as he's the SAHD.
I think it's a phase and I told DH that soon enough, I'll be the 'you don't understand parent' but it doesn't help the here and now.
It's lending itself to some weird vibes regarding my views on breastfeeding and attachment parenting. Still DH seems to understand my views and tries to support me as best as possible.
Ooh, DH was so sweet and took TG out to play giving me 3 hours of solid alone time. The intent was for me to rest and I knew he was right. It's been weeks maybe months since I've had me time. So I did have me time and true to me fashion it included some chores but not grueling chores.
I was able to shred 3 bag full of items. (I hold everything that needs shredding and shred when TG isn't around with the idea that is she doesn't see the 'fun shredder' in action, she'll ignore it.) I watched a guilty pleasure reality show, Biggest Loser, thank you. I ate a snack without having to share it or cut it into tiny pieces. I took a long hot bath and soaked in eucalyptus oil to help loosen the congestion. I shaved! I gave myself a quick pedicure! I read a magazine from cover to cover! I did two loads of dishes. I baked a loaf of bread. (Ok, the rising and what not was done that morning but I finished baking it in peace.)
The only thing I didn't have a chance to do was continue working on TG's baby book which I swear will be done before she goes to school. I've also decided that going forward, her yearly scrapbook will be probably what I've built for the grandparents (scrapbooks, calendars, etc) in duplicate. I just don't have the time and energy to do something different.
When TG and DH came home, he said he could clearly see I felt much better and I did. It didn't hurt to breath and my face didn't feel swollen and painful. In fact, I haven't felt that major blockage pain in 5 hours now! Hopefully the rest and me time is helping me fight this congestion.