Monday, March 22, 2010

RIP My Breast Pump

My dual breast pump has met its maker. Last Friday I suspected it was on its last leg when it only expressed 3 ounces of milk.
I tried again on Saturday at home but nothing came out.
Normally, I probably would freak out but I figured I am blessed with alternatives. I knew I had my single pump which is a pain but usable. More importantly, my job has given me the luxury of a hospital grade pump in the lactation room.
I know I'm very lucky as most companies don't even offer a private area for a woman to pump.
Still, it's a little bittersweet that I'm not as emotional as you'd think I would be. For the last almost 2 years, my pump has been in an intimate and emotional rollercoaster of a relationship with me.
Hans and Franz was my direct connection to my baby while I was at work longing to be with her. They allowed me to feel as if I was able to give her something that would go far beyond just a nursing bottle. Every day I diligently cleaned and packed away my pump parts and carried my pump around as if it was the latest accessory to come from the Paris runway.
I washed each part gingerly and handled it with kid gloves.
I knew the way I was pumping (3 times a day) it wouldn't last as long as most folks would assume a breast pump would last. I continued though to take good care of it.
I'm going to miss my breast pump. It was one of the best baby shower presents I ever received and I will never forget him.
Yes, I will continue to pump once a day but it won't be the same. Sure a hospital grade pump may be a workhorse but we won't have the relationship I had with Hans and Franz.
Bye Hans. By Franz. Thanks for the memories. I could have used a really bad pun but I won't cheapen the moment.