Thursday, March 11, 2010

My entire right side of my face is a puffy painful mess.

I am such a mess with this sinus congestion. Different shades are coming out of my nose. Sorry to be disgusting but misery loves company. Plus, I'm pretty sure if this doesn't clear up, I'm going to be in some medical journal. I'm exaggerating but I'm allowed to, I can't even open my eyes without pain. I can't even neti. It won't come out.
I've been on a cooking kick too which I attribute to being at the hump of northeastern winter. I've made Julia Child's Beef Burgundy which was awesome, French Onion Beef Stew and Shepherd's Pie. I also have it on my radar to make my spinach lasagna roll ups with beschamel sauce. This wouldn't be a problem if I could freaking taste anything. My congestion has left my senses completely numb.
DH has been my guinea pig as I cook.
This has lead to a good thing and a bad thing when it comes to TG and her diaper rash. Since I can't smell a dead pig in front of me, I can't tell if TG has pooped anymore. TG usually tells me if she poops but since her booty is raw, she's been denying poop to avoid the inevitable diaper change. This is one of the reasons I've implemented the 2 hour diaper change. Still, I do find myself checking her diaper more than when she was an infant.
The worst of the diaper rash though was how uncomfortable it makes her doing anything including fun things. Today she had her first meltdown outside and I know for a fact it was due to the diaper rash. She refused to sit in her stroller but I could not possibly carry her and push the cart home in my congested state. So I had to force her which caused more friction and pain for her. Add to it the fact that I knew full well she was tired but kept her out with her playmates well after she gave me signs she needed a nap and we're talking a category 4 meltdown.
I felt awful and not only because it was a public meltdown but because I could have prevented it.
DH was sweet again and skipped his nightly gym routine to help me with nighttime parenting. He's being awfully nice and I can't help but feel appreciative and special because of such.