Friday, March 12, 2010

Mommy confessions #2

The torrential rain storms aren't helping my congestion misery. It's so bad today I'm chalking up as a wash and that was decided at 8am.
I'm in such discomfort, I couldn't bear to have a playdate for TG so it was a mommy and me day but more of a watch mommy sit around while TG lays about airing her tush. Between TG's tush and my nose, we're a bunch of fun.
I have a big confession to make. If DH knew about this, he'd be totally disgusted.
Yesterday, I gave up on pants or shorts for TG. Usually we slap a pair of pants on her because she's a diaper whipper offer. But since I was allowing her to aerate sans diaper, on a waterproof mat, and since I was changing her diaper every 2 hours, I figured she could roam around pants free.
Remember, how I said I couldn't smell a poop diaper if it was shoved in my face? Well, this caused me to miss a poop diaper yesterday afternoon. I was busy doing a cursory clean up just before TG's playmates came over when TG ran into the kitchen sans diaper. I chuckled until I ran into the bedroom to find that it wasn't just a pee diaper she whipped off.
Turns out it was a poo diaper. Now she didn't have any remnants of poo on her that was visible so I can only hope she wasn't playing with the poop but I did find streaks on her bed linens.
With less than 30 minutes before her playpals arrived, I dunked her in the bath and scrubbed her from head to toe. DH arrived home as I was washing her hair. I asked him to take over bath duties while I ran around disinfecting and spraying things down just in case poo got in places I didn't notice. DH took my running around as frantic prep for kids coming over.
I'm just thankful 1) TG didn't seem to be playing with the poo as it was relatively contained in her diaper and 2) my dog didn't get a hold of it and 3) DH wasn't home. He probably would have had us quarantine the bedroom.