Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm such a baby when it comes to my sinuses.

In addition to TG's raging case of diaper rash, I have caught her sinus cold and am in congestion misery. My eyes hurt. My nose hurts. And I spent a 8+ hour work day running around to meetings.
I wish they had an adult size nosefrida. I wouldn't mind having a machine or even a person suck out the congestion. I'm going to brutal but when I neti now, more crap comes out than I thought I had mileage up there. The worst part is not 30 minutes afterwards, I feel congestion blocking up the passages again. Argh!
DH has been sweet though. I finally had the courage to ask him to not go to the gym in the evening and to stay home and help me settle TG in for bed. Between my sinus congestion, the diaper rash and my long day I felt like i"d probably pass out leaving TG up and running about without supervision.
Sure enough, I passed out before TG did. I think she finally came to be for a nurse and then bed around 9:30.
I know I need to get a handle of her bedtime changes but I am just not in any functioning state at night with this congestion.