Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm obsessed with my daughter's sleep

You can call me the sleep nazi.
Because she was carted to and fro, her nap was inconsistent. Following my tot's cues we had dinner at 5:30 and then went to bed immediately afterwards. She passed out at 6:30 but had a restless night. It was one of those nights where she woke up every cycle and needed to be cuddled. It was rough.
Today we went to CMOM for a concert of English/Spanish music which also ruined her nap. Although I know that the sweet spot for a nap for my daughter is 5 hours after she's woken up, I still kept up out past the time frame partly because the concert started an hour later than they originally scheduled. When we got home, I beelined to the bedroom. She was just about to nap when she got up and said, "Poop." She's been walking to a quiet area to poop away from me lately. After that, she was up. Guess I'm going to have a bumpy night again.
I feel awful about it. It's the mommy guilt that apparently comes with the baby but the hospital doesn't tell you that.
I keep reminding myself that being protective of her sleep and naps is important. I've read too many research studies regarding proper sleep and cognitive and behavioral development to not want to protect it.
Plus, it gives me a nice little respite in the day as well.
Guess we'll see if she gets sleepy again around 6 and try for an early bedtime again to compensate for the nap.