Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Eww Diaper Rash

TG has her first flare up of diaper rash. What is it about this month? First a sinus cold and now diaper rash.
Man, I feel for her. It's making everything miserable. All she wants to do is have me carry her around as any movement causes friction. She's even refusing a bath because it feels so raw.
We've been on diaper rash protocol. In this household this means, changing her diaper every 2 hours, regardless of saturation level.
For this mom, this also means treating it like a hemorrhoid, the only reference I have as an adult to diaper rash. I gently swipe the area with no ouchies antiseptic then use q-tips to slather on the zinc oxide and lanolin without stretching out the raw area.
I also let her allow her to lay splayed to let it breath. Of course in order to do this, I've relaxed the rule of tv so she'll sit still.