Monday, March 15, 2010

DST & Playground Season

Bedtime at 11pm again.
She seems to be sleepy but just can't settle.
It doesn't help that I'm exhausted so I know my patience is really tested.
On a good note, it looks like the torrential storms that hit us over the weekend was the wind of change. The weather is gorgeous and has led to us planning daily playground excursions.
Last night, to help tire her out, we went to the playground with one of her buddies for some swingtime, slidetime and chasing time. It's so cute how her buddies want her to chase after them but she's more into climbing and doing her own thing. Is that a boy versus girl thing? Anywho, today, one of her friends didn't have the patience to wait for her to slide as she likes to linger at the top and survey the terrain. He kicked her down the slide causing her to not only get pretty irked by the surprise but her pink coat got a lovely muddy toddler foot print stamped on the back.
Later on, when he tried to get TG to follow him, he kept pushing her in the back. Finally his mom took his hand and put TG's hand in his. They walked hand and hand for a bit. It was very cute. Then TG scampered off to play with a gate and her friend went to pick leaves.