Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Books, Books and More Books

TG loves concept books with flaps and interactive pieces. She likes sitting on our loveseat in the bedroom or in bed flipping through the pages with me.
It makes me smile and even if it's late, I'll sit there patiently and allow her to 'read' the book with me.
She even says the name of one of the books, Opposites. I'm fairly certain she has no idea what opposites means but she knows it is the title of the book. She places this book and her 'Grover' book in her bed with her stuffed animals. That's how much she loves these books.
I found the opposites book at a book fair and found out that it is part of a series. I searched online and found out it was discontinued a few years back but after some hunting I was able to find used copies online for cheap too.
I purchased the entire set and although TG keeps her Opposites book with her dolls in bed, the other books are nearby. She keeps them on the ottoman near our loveseat. Practically every day, she sits with me and she chooses a book to flip through.
I think my Dad, the man who would take me to the bookstore/library every week, would be proud.