Sunday, March 07, 2010

Back to herself now if we can get her sleep back.

DH slept off most of the alcohol. He did wake up to help watch TG brush her teeth and floss. She pretends to floss. Very cute. His response, "Wow, she's so small and tiny."
In the morning, he woke up and was back to his old self except a little less stressed, I think. I mean, he was stressed still but it wasn't carried as heavily. Maybe the drinking was a good thing.
My brother and sister came over for a quick brunch. It was great to see them. I missed them so. It's been ages where they just came over and chilled. I wish it was more often.
TG's illness has thrown off her naps and bedtime. She is now accustomed to 3pm naps and subsequently 9pm bedtime. This doesn't mean we start them at that hour. Oh no. We still go to bed as per TG's request at 1pm and 7:30pm but then she stays up reading books or whatnot fighting occasionally until she finally passes out.
I've learned that 4.5 hrs after she wakes up is a prime time for naps and bedtime. So if she wakes up at 8:30am, 1pm is when she wants to move to the bedroom for downtime. If she wakes at 4pm, 8pm is when she wants to brush her teeth and put on her pjs. At least she's got a routine of her own.
She does floss or pretend to floss. It's rather cute. She brushes her teeth and then Mommy helps her. She also brushes her tongue.
She's taken to caring for her friends too. This morning, she took the nosefrida and 'cleaned' out Jay Raffe's nose. Oh, Jay Raffe's name went from Raffe to Grr-affe. That just started.
I put up a chalkboard and alphabets and she now occasionally scribbles on the board. She has more fun cleaning the board. We're also actively pointing to more letters when we read.
All over my house now I have letters, numbers and stickers. In the kitchen I have bread and apple and broccoli stickers by the sink. In the bathroom, we have frogs and inchworms. In the hallway, butterflies and lady bugs. In the living room, bunnies. We're sticker-fied.