Sunday, March 28, 2010

Apparently these boots aren't meant for walking

Two weeks worth of research.
1 online store.
2 retail stores.
3 pairs of rainboots.
I finally found the perfect rainboots.
The first ones were too big but I figured I'd save them for next year as the matching raincoat and umbrella are also too big.
I went to Carter's in a desperate attempt to get something before Easter as this is part of her Easter basket.
I found the second choice rainboots I wanted at another store on sale and grabbed those.
TG loves them and loves playing with them and singing her 'B-O-O-T-S' song.
Now does she want to wear them in the actual rain so she could stomp on puddles?
I'm guessing 1) she's never had high shoes on before and 2) she's never seen DH or I wear rainboots and doesn't know what to make of them.
Guess I'm going out to buy the cheapest pair of rainboots I can find for myself as I know my husband will refuse to wear them.