Tuesday, March 16, 2010

9:30a wake up, 5p nap, shoot me.

Because she finally passed out at 11pm she woke up at 9:30am. Then after a car ride with her Dad, she returned home at 2pm, ate lunch and tried to pass out but only finally passed out out of sheer exhaustion at 5pm. 5pm!
In the car she started saying, bed and nap but didn't nap. I suppose we passed the hump.
I think we need to be more in tune with her nap cues especially as DST has kicked our sleep routine. This is where we see our different parenting skills/preferences kick in. DH is more apt to have TG shuffle along with him and expects her to adjust her routine a little bit. I'm more of a I'll try to do what I need to but if she's showing signs of sleep, hunger, etc... I generally take them as a guide and shift to the mode she needs. My theory is, I want her to learn to read her body's cues and I want her to know I'm trying to read her cues. Most importantly, a cranky tot equals meltdowns and I'm really not a big fan of those.
Anyway, DH was surprised I allowed her to sleep at 5pm but in all honesty, at that point, it wasn't about allowing. The kid needed to sleep and downtime. I figure maybe this will lead to a crazy night tonight but maybe just maybe this will help her body get back into a rhythm.
She slept until 7:30p which led to her passing out again at 11:30pm.
Now, if I can only go to sleep as I have a 7am meeting.