Monday, January 04, 2010

Words, words and more words

TG did something amazing today.
As she was night nursing, she de-latched, crawled up to me and kissed me gently on the forehead just like I do to her after we say our prayers. My daughter inspires me in ways she'll never know.
She started kissing DH good night this week. After DH changes her diaper and changes her into her pjs, TG crawls to her bed and says, "Kiss?" to DH. DH will come over and she'll kiss him gently on the cheek. Then she'll grab her lovey and lay in bed and then say, "Bye Bye, Daddy." Tonight she added, "See you" which elicited a few chuckles from both of us.
Our nighttime routine has grown to a rather lengthy one but it works for us so far. After I finish preparing for bed, I call TG to the bathroom where we wash our face and brush our teeth. Then DH changes her diaper and puts her pajamas on as I 'turn down' the bed. TG proceeds to kiss her Daddy goodnight and then DH turns off the light and closes the door.
I begin our prayers and recap of the day and TG begins to nurse. Afterwards, I kiss her gently on the head and tell her I love her. If our dog comes into the room and opens the door, TG will call the dog's name and then get up and close the bedroom door. She'll then return to bed and she gives me some of her 'friend's to say good night to. These include: 'Horse (a seahorse)', 'Gator' (an alligator), 'Dylan' (a duck) and some other 'friends'.
Then we'll sing a few songs where TG joins in at specific points and then we rhyme. This is a new thing that just started. It began with the rhyming words of songs and expanded. She'll repeat a word she has either just picked up or likes. Then she'll giggle. 'Speak' giggle. She'll repeat this until I say a word that rhymes. "Beak." she continues to giggle and I continue to find rhyming words until she calls out another word. By the way, I was at a loss for words that rhymed with 'button'. Anyone have suggestions?
The mind blowing thing about the rhyming game is she has initiated it and I think she actually gets it. Tonight she said, 'soon', a new word she started saying just today. I responded, "tune." She followed with, "moon." I was bowled over! I'm sure she doesn't understand all the words but she clearly gets some words sound similar.
Oh and she added counting tonight as well. I used to do it when she was an infant but we started it up again. She brings her foot up to me and says, "One?" and we count her toes.
It's all just mind-blowing and an absolute miracle and blessing. It is incredible to see God's work so beautifully displayed.
Oh, on the subject of nighttime peeing, TG had another successful leak free night last night. I'm pretty happy and hoping we've found an overnight solution. Sure, we have to change her diaper twice a night but at least she's not leaking. Bonus goes to the fact I may not have to wash pee pads.