Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When do mommies get shopping sprees?

TG wake up time: 9am, thanks to DH's quick thinking of covering the windows with a comforter. I didn't have to hold up the comforter for TG this time and slept in as well.
TG was spoiled rotten today by her grandparents. She left with a loot full of clothes for the spring and summer.
MIL was surprised at how fast and agile TG is. TG bee lined to the pantry and kitchen and spent most of her time unpacking the lower cabinets. Thankfully, TG likes to put things away too so with a little coaxing, she put the spices back where she found them.
Funny story...
Every time we visit, DH and I do a clean up of their computer. We install updates and clear strange files and usually add a tutorial of some sort. (Today's tutorial: How to print photos and check ink levels.)
Anyway, DH and I encrypted and secured her network way back in March but we noticed something funky, the encryption information disappeared. DH put the information back in and when we logged back in again, it kept disappearing. DH accidentally mentioned this to his mother and suddenly she panicked thinking someone was hacking into her system. She became so anxiety ridden that she refused to go to bed until we resolved it.
DH tried updating the firmware but the security kept disappearing. He went into the room with the router, entered the information via his laptop, came out to the desktop and it would disappear.
After 2-3 hours of us googling and testing and attempting fixes, DH looked at the MAC address and we realized what was happening.
When we initially set up her computer, it was located in the kitchen. We moved it to her living room and apparently, her neighbor has a unsecure network. For Lord knows how long, she's been stealing their wireless connection!
When we told her that, she was so embarrassed. "Here I was thinking someone was going through my stuff but I'm going through someone else's connection."
DH fixed the connection and now she should notice an improvement in speed.
TG bedtime: 9pm A little better but not great.