Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well it's not a classic mommy do

I cut my hair again. I was tired of it and it was getting to the point where I would just wear it in a ponytail. I haven't had it this short in ages.  
There used to be a time when I'd willingly wake up earlier to do my hair.  Nowadays I am happy it has been washed.  I do wish it was a bit more styled.  I'm sure my husband would probably like that.  He doesn't complain though.  He always finds a way to make me feel feminine and sexy even when I'm in my ratty circa 1996 t-shirt on with my mouth guard in.  
Whenever the hairstylist asks what I want these days I don't know how to respond.  Today I said, "not a mess.  I need guidance.". I guess the hairstylist took this as an opportunity to do her thing because I truly believe she had a ball.  She reminded me of a little girl playing with hair.  She really took pride in what she did and had a fun time doing it.  In the end I couldn't help but absorb a piece of that joy.  Joy begets joy but unfortunately so much negativity overpowers us sometimes.
Well it looks like DH loves the new do. He can't stop telling me how great I look.  It is either the hair or the delicious grilled chicken and bruschetta I made for dinner.  
The big test is if I can figure out what to do with it after my shower.