Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tomorrow sleepovers. Today blanket tents.

TG is 18 months old.  I've been having anxiety dreams of me not being able to cope with her growing up.  Dreams of her going to high school.  Dreams of her taking the subway by herself.  Dreams of her going off to college.  I know with God's help I will be prepared and will be as best of a parent and guide for her as possible.  As for now, the possibility of her losing her baby hair is sending me into a tizzy. 
Sticking with the here and now, TG has played with a flashlight before. She knows it lights up and reflects onto objects but she's still discovering it. Today as we prepared for her pm nap, she found the flashlight and asked me to turn it on. Usually we play with it in the evening during bedtime. I turn it on and we play a rousing game of 'up, down, left, right'. She finds it hysterical that the light goes up, down, left and right. Last night she started making the light go up and down. She was pretty proud of her accomplishment as was I.
This afternoon though, she tried to make the light go up and down and she couldn't understand why the flashlight would not go up. She kept staring at it to check it was on.
I tried to explain to her how the daylight would effect the reflection of the light but we're talking about a toddler here so I finally took our comforter and covered the both of us, three if you count her lovey. Then I hoisted my legs and made a little tent. I then had her point the flashlight up and she giggled in delight. The flashlight works and she discovered something new, blanket tents.
I'm sure it won't be the last time she plays with a blanket tent. I recall hours of fun building caves and tunnels with blankets and furniture when I was younger. I think there was a period where my brother and I built a new fort every day for months.
Along with the giddiness of the flashlight going up and down in our tent, TG joyously popped in and out of the tent. She found it fascinating that the comforter could be more than just a blanket. When I put my legs down, collapsing the tent, she put her head under and attempted to find a way to make the tent pop up again.
I love watching her brain grown and develop.