Sunday, January 24, 2010

Things that annoy me about my husband and how I wish I was sometimes more like him:

They keyword is 'sometimes'.
How he always asks me if he's a lector this weekend when 1) it's on our calendar and 2) I create the schedule and I've told him he's always scheduled for the 1st and 5th Sundays.
How he's all about the healthy foods and eating perfect portions but can eat a whole box of Kashi cereal bars and nasty aspartame yogurt until his tongue has a nasty white film.
How it's all or nothing for him.
How he never stops dreaming.
How he's taken to being a dad and become a regular in the stay at home scene.
How he always asks me my schedule when it's on the calendar and we review it the night before. It makes me feel like he's rushing me.
How he listens to me and defends my opinions and decisions as a mother and wife.
How he can be so altrustic. He'd give away all we had without blinking.
How he can be a born and raised New Yorker and not be cynical.
How his past life keeps returning in some shape or form.
How he can look past his father's and mother's idiosyncracies without getting flustered or aggravated.
How he doesn't feel the need to multi-task.
How he runs on his time and gets pissed off if others rush him but finds it totally acceptable to rush others.
How he can make me feel like I'm the meanest woman in the world. The only other time I've felt that way was when my dad said that I had the power to make my mother happy and I choose not to.
How he gets to spend more time with our daughter.
How he doesn't have to worry what's for lunch, dinner or breakfast.
How he made me and our 2 week old daughter drive around looking for a house and expecting me to make a decision in the midst of no sleep, post partum complications and a crying and hungry baby.
How he's not overrun by emotions.
How so many folks love him.
How strangers from his past stop us or purposefully search for him even if they haven't been in contact in over 30 years.
How much his daughter loves him and can never get tired of his kisses, especially when it's time for bed.