Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Soup everywhere

 Mom lesson #123: Do not turn your back on a toddler near a cup of soup. 
We have hit that point in a child's development where trips to the doctor are less of a picnic than usual. Our pediatrician says the 18 month and 2 year check ups are the worst in terms of their opinions of the doctor and nurse. 
She wasn't kidding.  TG was perfectly fine until they started poking and prodding her.  Even basic head measurements lead to round of silent cries.  You know what a silent cry is.  It's those Charlie Brown wide mouthed water work cries that start silent and turn into a shrieking howl.  If that isn't bad enough your kid looks at you all watery eyed with the proverbial 'Why, Mommy, Why are you allowing them to do this?' look.  Your heart just breaks.  
Most of her exam took place on my lap while TG sounded like a toddler version of Woody Allen spouting a neurotic set of 'Nos'.
At one point I felt like I must look like a complete liar to her pediatrician.  "She knows many body parts.  TG, where is your tummy?  "No No No No No.". 
"Yes she responds to direction and displays comprehension." "No No No No No."
"Yes she is quite verbal and has a large vocabulary." "No No No No No."
Only one vaccine today and she was a trooper.