Sunday, January 31, 2010

The return of the stress ball

DH kept asking me today if something was wrong. I suppose I had that preoccupied look where my brow furrows. My to do list is growing exponentially and I do not have the desire to tackle it or the energy to tackle it or the time to tackle it.
Anyway, we went to the museum today and we're off to another one of those Daddy versus Mommy debates.
DH likes to buy something for TG at the gift shop at every visit. He says it's his way of helping the arts. I think it's instilling an expectation in TG that I'm not keen on.
I relent of course. I'm telling myself that it's not like he's doing this at every outing only museums and we want her to enjoy and like the museums. Whatever gets me through the day...
On the way home, the radio announcer was commenting on how the end of the month is already upon us and I exclaimed how I can't believe the month flew by. DH in his usual snarky self remarked how there are 12 more to look forward to. This miffed me but before I could stew in the miffiness of it, he adds, "Plus we have the coldest months in NYC to look forward to..... Oh and Black History Month."
This turned my anger to sheer laughter. The absurd statement from left field made it hard for me to stay angry let alone contain my laughter.
By the way, aside from the usual holidays, Black History month, Asian History month and Women's History month, are there any more congressional established celebrations?