Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playdate! Playdate!

DH made me so happy today.  He hosted a playdate for TG and her friends.  Instead of just seeing it in pictures or hearing about it I got to participate and witness it. 
You might laugh but I don't often get to be a part of these things so something as trivial and mundane as a playdate becomes all the more fun for me. 
I don't regret that I don't have the opportunities that my husband has to be apart of these play activities.  I would like to be but there is a reason and I know God knows best.  Heck, my daughter is gaining in so many ways having such a strong bond and relationship with her Dad.  Plus I'm so proud of us as parents to be able to continue and instill the ideas of attachment parenting.  Working moms, it can be done!