Sunday, January 03, 2010

New year anxiety & diaper leaks

I've been anxious these past few days.  The future has been on my mind.  It is normal to be fearful of the unknown.  Usually I take it in stride and find comfort knowing the Lord will guide us.  I still believe this but the new year has brought up some human anxiety.  
The other morning I woke up to the realization that my daughter will have to go to high school at some point.  This filled me with dread and melancholy.  How will we afford high school?   Will I be able to let her go onto mass transit by herself?  Will she hold her own?
I know it is ridiculous to think of this now when she's only 18 months old but the mind does what the mind does.
TG has been leaking. For the past three nights, she's wet the bed. At first DH thought cutting back on night nursing would help. I objected and said that she's just a nighttime pee-er. Then two nights ago, TG slept from 7:30p-midnight without a feeding and sure enough, the bed was wet.
We tried Huggies Overnight diapers and that didn't help. DH also thought they smelled funny.
So I went to Buy Buy Baby in search of what other moms have said help late night pee-ers, Diaper Doublers. Essentially it's the inner lining of a diaper. You put it on top of the existing diaper to help add absorbency without bulk. Well, we didn't find disposable DDs but we found re-usable ones. I'm all for saving the earth but the idea of washing out these cotton maxi pads and reusing them turned me off. Still washing another load of sheets and pads daily was another turn off so I bought a pack and a pack of Pampers overnights. I don't know why they are so hard to find compared to Huggies but BBB had them so I grabbed a pack. TG seems to do well with Pampers during the day so maybe she'll do better at night with the Pampers Overnights.
Last night was our first night battling diaper leakage with our new plan of attack.
TG normally requests a diaper change at 11pm, 3am and 6am. During these times we'll change her into overnights and hope for no leakage. If there is, then we'll try plan B - Diaper Doublers.
Last night I am happy to say was a leak free night. TG had a diaper change at 11pm and 3am but didn't need one at 6am. DH woke up at 6am as we have been trained like Pavlovian dogs and when he checked her diaper, it was dry!
I'm not going to say we beat leaks just yet but I'm happy for a day without laundry.
Oh, and I think I'm in for it when it comes to potty training and overnight training. She pees the Nile. There is no way she's going to be able to hold it all night. She's 18 months old and we're still changing her diaper 3 times a night.