Monday, January 25, 2010

It could have been worse

Today we fly to Florida to visit family.
Of course, today was the day that a torrential rain storm hit NYC delaying our flight by 5 hours.
I purchased the tickets super cheap. The downfall was we had to fly out of LaGuardia airport, the worst airport to fly out of NYC with a child. Ok, it's tied with JFK and Newark.
The delay caused our 2pm flight to have a scheduled departure of 8:30pm. At noon, DH and I individually called the carrier and pleaded our case and found another flight at our favorite airport, White Plains, scheduled for 3pm.
With TG literally attached to my breast, we packed our car and drove to White Plains. It was an hour delayed but we finally arrived in Florida at 8pm, a half hour before our original flight was rescheduled to take off.
Through it all, DH and I were a great team. We were pretty level headed about everything, including a faux paus where DH got into the gate with his LGA boarding pass. All in all, the flight was turbulent but manageable and TG was a trooper. She slept for an hour in my arms and then proceeded to play peekaboo and observe the other passengers.
It's times like these where I feel DH and I shine as a team. It could be a harrowing and tense situation but we seem to get along the best during these times. I suppose it's the 13 years of living, growing and learning together that help us.
TG finally went to bed at 11pm, super late by our standards but she fell out. Tomorrow, a crazy day of driving to visit other relatives before returning to MIL's.