Friday, January 01, 2010

Is it just me or do the holidays fly by?

I only have a few minutes.
It's been a hectic December. I think it was easier for me to manage the holiday crazies with an infant than a toddler. Now, if you are a veteran mom, you're probably saying, "No kidding, sister." Well, call it a trial by fire.
The tree was finally put up 5 days before Christmas. We hung shatterproof ornaments with ribbon and TG's infant socks. It looked rather nice and TG had fun assisting. I gave her her own set of silver beads to put on the bottom branches. She had fun hanging it and taking it off. At one point, in a very surprising and sweet move, she took her rosary beads, given to her by her Godmom, and hung them on the tree next to the manger.
She also discovered the manger and immediately took to it like a dollhouse. She also pointed to the ox and said, "Moo" and the sheep and said, "Baa." It was very sweet and made me realize that I'm glad I try not to make my home a museum and allow her to play and explore as much as possible.
New Years Nosh was a blast and made me realize how long and how nice it is to watch a movie and have adult guests. Yes, we've had adult guests in our home since 2008 but most have been either parents with their offspring here for a playdate or adults coming over to smile and dote on our daughter.
DH and I had a real treat on New Years. Adult company, adult conversation and 3 movies and 1 tv episode. After TG went to bed, DH and I stayed up and watched Julie and Julia and Away We Go. It was nice to just veg and share each other's company.
Oh, we made it into the New Year without sleeping. 5 minutes after I changed Dick Clark though, DH was out like a light. It was very sweet and shows we are getting old. :-)