Friday, January 08, 2010

I suppose everything is magical to a 1.5 year old

I'm cleaning my cast iron skillet now.  Food started sticking so it was time to burn off the seasoning and reseason.  
To clean my skillet I place it in the self clean oven.  It produces a ton of smoke but is efficient.  Normally I wouldn't think anything of it but with a toddler in the house paranoia set in.  I usually set it while I'm asleep.  I open the windows in the kitchen, turn on the fans and exhaust and vent away.  I close the bedroom door and we avoid the smoke.  
Tonight I couldn't stop thinking about the self clean oven and thus was unable to follow the sleep routine for TG. Somehow or another she managed to fall asleep at 9pm.
She woke up at 6am this morning and then napped for 3 hours starting at noon.  I'm sure if I followed our routine she would have been asleep by 8.  Our routine starts around 7:30 and she was still fairly tired from the early wake up. 
So why do I bring up the cast iron skillet? No reason. It was on the brain.  If I had a house I'd through it in my BBQ and let it burn off outdoors.  
Oh TG told me she pooped today.  I think it's a great sign she is showing awareness of pooping and peeing.  I think she's still telling is during the act and not before.  We occasionally get a request for the potty but that is a hit or miss.  
Oh and she discovered that she can spy me through the loving room window.  I was in the kitchen and DH and I were talking through the window at each other.  Very New York, I know. TG heard my voice through the window and went to investigate. She was amazed to see me through the window.  I blew her mind a second later when I popped into the dining room to set the table and she saw me 'back in our home'.  For a moment I felt like David Copperfield (the magician not the Dickens alter ego.)