Monday, January 18, 2010

Events appear in real-time...

Today DH, TG and I packed into our car to go to Michaels and Carter's.
This isn't an eventful event except that usually DH and TG don't come with me.
Since TG had started playing with stickers, I wanted to purchase a few more. I also began to notice that her pajama bottoms were looking more and more like high waters. Anyone who has a toddler knows the snug-fit pajama bottoms aren't meant to be knee highs.
So armed with my 40% coupon for Michaels and my gift card for Carter's I went on a mission.
Now, if it was just me, it probably would have taken me 2 hours but since DH and TG were with me, our roundtrip trip took 1 hour. TG had a playdate at 10:30am and DH is not a dawdler when it comes to shopping. I don't think I know any man who is.
DH would drive me to the front of the shop and drop me off. I'd run in with my coupon like a madwoman, set my alarm on my cell phone for 10 minutes to keep me on track and shop. Michael's was the hardest to keep within the 10 minute time frame I gave myself. I went over and came out 15 minutes later. Can you believe they didn't have shiny large stars?
Carter's was a little easier. I was a bit miffed that all the on sale pjs were 100% polyester but with the coupons and the gift card, I didn't feel bad purchasing two 100% cotton three piece pajama sets. I figured the three pieces (2 shirts, 1 pants & another set of 2 pants & 1 shirt) equaled 3 pajama sets.
DH who makes fun of my coupons and sale bloodhound instincts was quite surprised the total expenditure for our trip was $16, $6 at Carter's and $10 at Michael's. I was pretty proud of myself too. I hope DH doesn't think the Jack Bauer approach to shopping had anything to do with it. I don't think I can shop like that all the time. There is too much pressure.