Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Drive baby drive

I don't know why I research to dos for a short trip like this. It's not like we'll do any of them. I suppose it's a back up thing for me. You have a toddler and you want to make sure you have back up plans. Or it could be the OCD.
Because of the hub bub from yesterday's travel day and the late bedtime, TG slept until 9am. Well, I also assisted by holding my comforter over her face to block out the Florida sunlight. I did this for about an hour and half. Don't worry, I did this one handed and caught up on the news on my phone. A mom will do what a mom needs to do for her brood.
Even though it was cold in Florida, by Florida standards, it was still warm by NYC standards. We left NYC when the temp was 20 degrees but the 'Real Feel' temp was in the low teens. In Florida it was in the 50's, a welcome blast of warmth by our standards.
We drove to visit TG's Aunt who recently moved down to FL and DH's cousins. There was a major breakthrough during the visit to TG's Aunt, her painfully shy Aunt played the piano for TG and even let her sit by her on the piano stool. I secretly filmed it for memory sake.
At DH's cousins, we saw what two schoolage girls are like at 8 at night. Mental note: Do not allow children sweets after 7pm. They were great kids all in all and TG had a blast with them. One in particular, sat with TG and read her stories. She captivated TG for nearly 30 minutes.
Another long day. By the time we arrived back at my MIL's it was late and we hadn't eaten dinner yet. TG's bedtime = 11:30p. I hope this doesn't wreck her routine when we get home.