Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DH is sexy wrapped up in a heating blanket.

DH hurt his back. I think it was a strain due to his exercise regimen and from stress. He's changed his career path and now he's trying to figure out what to do. I'm proud of him. It's hard to make that decision and to go forth and pursue something different. I just want him to be happy. Life it too short to not be happy with what you do. You just need to find the courage to make that first step.
I'm so proud of him but understand his trepidation. He has a family and a young girl who needs guidance and a role model. He takes his male role model title seriously I believe.
Then he's got the added stress that he knows I'd like another child. I know it's not possible now but in a few years, I'd like very much to have a sibling for TG. God willing, if it is meant to be, it will happen and in God's time. Still, a girl can dream.
I try not to press him about it especially since we're not in a situation that would allow us to have another child at this point but the thoughts do linger.
At the same time, I do feel extremely fortunate I have this time to spend with my TG. My focus is on her and watching her grow and learn. I'm not sure how I could handle giving my undivided attention to two children. Would I feel as if I was cheating another out of that special time together? Would I treat each child fairly?
If you thought being a woman was filled with neuroses, you should try being a mom.