Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Devolution of OCD

So just how much arts and crafts can a young toddler participate in? It dawned on me today that at some point the answer lies in the parent. Essentially, how much mess can you handle?
I've made up my mind that I'm going to fight my OCD and try to be the mom that lets a kid play with washable paints and glue and glitter.
We'll start with the washable paints.
TG has already begun playing with washable fingerpaints. I started with the kind that goes onto the special paper only. She seems interested but there is something about dipping your hand in green paint and seeing your hands green.
She's also played with playdough, homemade. She seems to enjoy watching me make little balls or snakes and then she places them back in the container. It's quite humorous to me.
By the end of the month I plan to attempt to do some messier arts and crafts. I figure I'll start with supplies. So far my list includes what I think are the basics for a young toddler. I could be wrong as this is my first foray into toddlerhood but as with everything, I'll learn as I go. My list includes: washable waterpaints (tempera, et al can wait), a sleeveless smock (figure she'll go shirtless for waterpainting. sleeves get dipped into things), construction paper, glue, pom poms, wooden sticks and ribbon.
She already plays with crayons and chalk and her mini easel has those spillproof paint jars and brushes.
I'd also like to get a safety ladder of some sort so TG can stand by me as I am prepping food in our kitchen. Unfortunately the only ladders that has safety sides I've seen cost an arm and a leg. Anyone know of an affordable but safe kitchen helper stepstool?