Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cooking for three distinct people

Feeling overwhelmed today.  What I would do for a day off from housework and work work.
DH is dog tired and not sleeping well. He is trying to go without his much needed sleep but it is not working. 
Right now as soon as I get home I need to nurse TG and the start on dinner and lunch for tomorrow. I think I have TG's meal for tomorrow taken care of but I still have lunch for DH and me to figure out and dinner for all three of us.  I'm thinking zucchini fries for TG with thin chicken strips with pasta and pasta with chicken strips for us.  It's harder now since TG is still not eating meat in big chunks.  I try to make t look like pasta and make it smaller so she eats it.  I think she's not used to the roughy consistency of meat.  If it's in pasta sauce or mashed up she's fine with it. 
I didn't get to pump today so I'm quite engorged and I'm a little apprehensive of going home because DH is so sleep deprived.  He gets a tad short but he is trying hard.  I'd probably blow a gasket already. 
I'm glad TG loves her veggies but feel like I need to try to offer more protein but it has been tough.  Anyone have any suggestions aside from eggs, beans and ground meat in squash mash?