Sunday, January 17, 2010

Apron Strings

I had a post, a vent really, written but I accidentally deleted it. Very well anyway as I don't even remember why I was so frustrated. Ok, I do but I'm over it.
Essentially, today was a dip day. I made brushetta. I made artichoke/spinach dip. I made honey mustard sauce. I made guacamole. I was in that kind of mood. Don't ask me why.
DH and TG spent the day napping. DH has been super sleepy as of late. He doesn't know why but I gather the late nights doing his thing are probably what is catching up to him.
I focused myself on food to help me vent and became fixated on whole wheat baguettes and making sandwiches.
In the end, it was a nice change of pace from our usual fare. DH had a grilled chicken with honey mustard glaze on toasted baguette topped with a basil bruschetta. I had a guacamole and grilled chicken on a toasted baguette topped with sauteed shallots and tomatoes. TG had pasta. I usually try to make something similar to what we're having but was not in a good frame of mind yesterday.
I suppose cooking is my outlet. Yes, sometimes I get upset that after a long day of work, I still need to plan and cook dinner and prepare lunches for three people with different taste buds but in the end, God gives us hidden gifts. I'm not a top chef but I can cook and more importantly, I can cook tasty meals for my family. Yes, time is tight but I have the ability to do it with some planning and preparation and at the end of the day, I get to have those family meals I value.