Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another mommy treat

Last night during MNO, I suggested that we have Saturday Morning Daddy playdates. Another Mom loved the idea and so this morning, while our husbands watched the kids, we each took showers, did a chore because we're moms and chores wait for no one and got together for coffee.
I felt like a human being. It was great.
Sure we still conversed about our kids but at least the succubi weren't attached to us in some shape or form. Just kidding, although TG still nurses in public.
I also was able to fit in a 90 minute cook off and prepared meals for TG for the week.
It was a great mommy day. Now if I can only get back into scrapbooking TG's Baby's First Year book before she goes off to college.
Oh, bedtimes have been a battle until sheer exhaustion sets in around 8:30/9pm. :-(