Friday, December 04, 2009

Taking care of her peeps

In addition to her affection towards Dylan the duck, TG is also displaying other affectionate actions. During the day, she pushes her toy stroller and occasionally brings my husband or me one of her bears for a diaper change. She grabs her bear and exclaims, "Diaper?" She'll sit down, lay her bear down and take off his/her diaper. I knew those extra newborn sized diapers would come in handy. Then she'll get up, to to the container of diaper wipes, open it, pull one out and then go back to her bear and wipe him/her down. Then she'll happily leave her bear bare bottomed.
I've also caught her taking her brush and brushing her lovey's hair.
The cutest of all these is her occasional request for me to help her put her lovey in her shirt. I'm not sure if she's mimicing breastfeeding or babywearing. I'm leaning towards babywearing as she likes to have her lovey's head poke out of her shirt. When she's old enough, I'd love to get her the Ergo Doll Carrier. I think she'd like it. A month ago she had me carry Ally Gator in her actual Ergo. Of course, I thought nothing of it and walked happily around the house with a 0 pound stuffed animal on my front as TG smiled and clapped her hand with glee.
These to me are all signs of she's ready for a doll. Now if you know me by now, you'll know this isn't going to be a go to Toys R Us, come out with a doll for her type of deal. I spent the last week researching and talking to everyone about preferred dolls. The conclusion is simple, I want her doll to be cloth and made of natural materials. I had rag dolls as a child and rarely had a plastic doll. I think I'd like her to have the same.
I narrowed it down to a few specific dolls based on materials, appearance, maintenance and price. Holy cow, there were some great dolls out there but for over $100 for a cloth doll! If I got my child a doll that expensive, it would have to be encased in glass and she'd be given a 'look but don't touch' ultimatum.
So now, Santa plans to bring TG her very first baby doll. I hope she likes it. I also purchased two outfits for her baby doll.
Which reminds me, did you ever have a Learn to Dress doll? I had one and I loved it. I found the cutest one. It's a pirate! TG might get this for Christmas too.