Monday, November 09, 2009

There is a booger on my left boob

I never thought I'd ever say that.
I'm in the bathroom getting ready for bedtime. This includes a struggle with a toddler who loves to brush everyone's teeth but her own.
As usual, I take off my shirt and rinse my boobs. I nurse TG to bed and I like to make sure they are clean. I look down and on my left boob there is a nice sized crusty booger. What's more shocking is how I passed it off very matter of fact like. "Oh, look at that. TG left a booger on my boob. Glad I wash my boobs before we go to bed." Then I scraped off the boogie and continued to clean my boob.
This morning, I told DH that the snack cup he just put TG's scrambled eggs was possibly the cup that our dog was licking this morning. His response was, "I suppose there are far worse things."
Honestly, I felt like I needed to repeat myself for fear my husband did not comprehend what I said. Look whose got the boogie on the boob now.