Friday, November 20, 2009

Stop the world I want to get off

I know my need to be prepared is a bit excessive. But I live with someone who doesn't plan and because of such the every day inconveniences that occasionally sprout up appear more frequently.
I don't know what's worse watching the storm or knowing the the destruction could have been prevented.
I know part of this is my need to plan and prep.
In fact it is getting to the point that I am quite peeved about these inconveniences. I don't think he realizes this but it effects me too.
Heck it effects our daughter.
I'm tired. I'm not complaining though. I will continue to do what I have to for my family but he is right. I treat his requests as my inconvenience and I do so because they are a direct result of his lack of preparation. I also probably have some psychological issue with my requests taking a back seat. The boxes in storage are not returned. The ceiling fans has not been vacuumed.
I know time is short and there are more important things in life but I have asked for over six months now.
Sure I could do these items. I give in to do other things because of my neuroses. I ask him to do the dishes and when he falls asleep I do them. I'm fine with this because I know it's my need to have a clean kitchen in the morning not his.
But the fan and storage and family photos I need his help and being second fiddle to his needs sucks especially when my needs are for the family.
Maybe that's he problem. Maybe I need to stop worrying about the family needs and take care of mine. I don't know if that's possible. Every mom I know does what I do for the most part. It keeps the family factory churning.
A friend once told me that a mom is always going to focus on her family. It's as if you push the baby out and push out the old single lady self. All I have to say is, Is it Mother's Day yet?