Saturday, November 07, 2009

Just a fan not a paid endorsement...

My daughter is fascinated with Justin Roberts. On Wednesday she started grabbing my finger and walking me over to my laptop. She then does her Stevie Wonder side bops and then says, "Willy Willy."
This is my cue to play Willy was a Whale for her.

When that finishes, she says, "Pop. Pop."
This is my cue to play Pop Fly. By the way, if you have a boy who is a baseball nut, this song may become his favorite. We introduced this song to some parents at our church playgroup and the boys went nuts for it.

When that's done, she sometimes says, "Stay. Stay."
That's my cue to play "Stay at Home Dad." One of my personal favorites. Our SAHD prefers D-O-G."It's his punk song."

If you are a parent, check this guy out. He has some great tunes parents and children can enjoy. My cousin from his neck of the woods, Chicago, introduced me to him. His son is a super fan. She has this pick of her son meeting Justin Roberts and the awe and glee in his eyes melts your heart. I enjoy his songwriting. He looks like John Denver's son but sings with a mixture of alt rock favorites like Elvis Costello and They Might Be Giants.
My daughter will happily sit by the laptop and listen to her playlist giving me plenty of time to prep dinner. She sits and bops to the music and tries to say the words she hears punctuated or repeated. Pop, Stay, Whale, etc
So now I wait patiently for his return to NYC so TG can see him live in concert again. The last time she saw him, she was going through a nap meltdown. This time, I think she's older, wiser and we'll make sure she's sufficiently napped to rock out.
Oh, and he also has two cds out under 'Why Not Sea Monsters?' which are songs based on the Old Testament and New Testament. They aren't preachy and they aren't like his usual JR & Not Ready for Naptime Band tunes but they are catchy.
My daughter is a big VeggieTales fan too so these cds are a great addition to our music library.