Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Is it weird my daughter knows someone else's last name before her own?

If you live in NYC, regardless if you are a Democrat, Conservative, Republican or 'The Rent is Too Damn High', you have been bombarded by Mike Bloomberg's viral election campaign. Now, I don't mean viral as is grotesque, although some may feel it is. I mean, the barrage of campaign media, tweets, ads on Google and what not has been so pervasive, it's hard not to know this guy is running for Mayor.
Honestly, he doesn't need to do all this. Everyone knows his name. Everyone knows he's running for a 3rd term.
It's a bit of a showboat now.
My personal favorite media is the 'Insert Nationality' for Bloomberg posters that line the streets at every single parade. Starting in September through to Thanksgiving, NYC has a parade every weekend, sometimes two. Every nationality in NYC is accounted for, I'm sure. Every weekend, the streets are closed and amidst the floats and colorful costumes and marching bands are these royal blue banners stating 'Greeks for Bloomberg' or 'Haitian Creoles for Bloomberg' or 'Southern Province of Mainland China for Bloomberg'. It just shows you how well oiled his campaign machine is.
Well, apparently it's working because my under 2 year old is now walking around the house saying, 'Boom Ber'. It's like a 'My Baby Can Read' endorsement. Since she has been born, she has seen his name throughout the city, heard his name on the radio and television and heard my husband and I speak his name frequently enough that her vocabulary now includes his name.
She doesn't know her last name yet but 'Boom Ber' makes her smile.
So Mike, you really don't need this but if you want to add to the 'family' demographic that's coming out today to vote, give us a call. My daughter will happily toddle around chanting your name with a giggle and a smile.