Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hack, Cough, 'Open', 'Closed'

Apparently this transition for daylight savings time takes longer than I thought it would. Today, TG woke up at 5am. Between my hacking and coughing, she'd pass me a Kleenex and then give me an object to 'open' or 'close'. She's fascinated with opening and closing things.
She's also at that point where she asks what everything is. My day consists of play by plays.
'Whad dat?'
"That's a waffle. Would you like some waffles?"
'Wah wul'
"Yes, waffle."
"No, that isn't pasta. That's sweet potato. Sweet Potato."
"No, sweet potato."
"We'll work on it."
Oh and she loves music. Row, Row, Row your Boat, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Taxi, AEIOU and Sing a Song are staples now. In fact, two nights ago, she rolled over and in her sleep started singing Taxi and doing the signs she learned at sign class. DH and I were cracking up. It was so cute. She even dreams in song.