Thursday, November 05, 2009

Diaper on. Diaper off.

My daughter rips her diaper off. Well, she doesn't rip it all the way off, she just rips a tab off and lets it hang. I don't know if she's trying to start a fashion movement. Maybe it's her first fashion faux pas in a parent's eye.
This new 'look' or 'style' has now lead us to move away from just 3T/4T white undershirts as sleep shirts and play shirts to full fledge two piece pajamas or onesies.
Staring at my pile of 18+ month onesies, I chuckled at how naive I was back when I was pregnant and trying to figure out the difference between 24 mths and 2T clothing. I couldn't imagine having a 2 year old wearing a onesie. Now I understand why and realize my logic that 2 year olds should be wearing t-shirts and not onesies is so pre-mom.
I actually prefer her in onesies for play and for sleep because 1) she's still learning to maneuver her body and giving her the freedom to do so without pants getting in the way helps and 2) our apartment gets very warm. I received a pair of short pjs which we rock as often as we can. Unfortunately in our neck of the woods all the pjs currently available are thermals or flannel.
It's making picking out our holiday pjs very difficult.
"Well, you know it gets cold in December. Flannel won't be so bad."
There is my husband being very optimist and forgetful. Remember Forgetful Jones from Sesame Street? I think I'm going to have to call my husband FJ. My daughter and my husband turn into space heaters at night. Slap some flannels on them and not only does their sleep get disrupted but the family bed turns into this limb kicking free for all.
It's not easy practicing a family bed with two space heaters and one very warm apartment. Add to the mix my preference to cocoon myself in a comforter and you've got the makings of a fitful night's rest for all parties, except the dog who moved out of the bed when TG was born.
But I believe I found our family pjs. They are green flannel but they are cute and I'm being optimistic. A NYTimes article reminded me how it's important to remind Dads of the trust and confidence in their special brand of parenting. It's very common for Moms to micromanage because of their multitasking ways.
Now if picking out pjs was the only thing I need to plan for our holiday season.