Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Mom's job is never done

Spent the night in a fever with chills, aches and a sore throat. Did I mention TG was having a restless night?
Been downing pineapple juice to reduce my fever as we ran out of acetaminophen last night and DH said that he'd go pick some up after he went to class and an audition. He's skipping the gym to help me today.
This is the second week we missed swim classes.
But the big thing is I just finished TG's costume for tonight. It's 12:17pm and I just finished sewing her 'antlers'. I stuffed her antlers with batting from the couch pillows while waiting for the bus for work and started sewing it while pumping at work but that was shortlived. I wound up spending my pumping sessions on the phone the last few days.
Now maybe I can get some rest before TG wakes up from her nap.