Monday, October 26, 2009

I should rename my blog

to 'My husband can't multitask.'
Don't get me wrong, my husband is a very smart man. He's helpful and caring and kind. He just can't multi-task.
A blue screen of death appears in my husband's brain and shuts everything down.
What can happen with the BSoD appears? Here are just a few things that happened off the top of my head:
*He left his cell phone on the subway. [This wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't the only means to communicate with him and I wasn't 1 week post partum.]
*He left and lost my laundry basket and a full container of laundry detergent.
*He left his Kleen Kanteen on the street in midtown Manhattan.
*He ran 40 minutes late for an appointment.
*He misplaced his house keys.
Now, thankfully this inability to multi-task has only lead to minor inconveniences to him (major inconveniences and hassles for me). Still, it aggravates me to no end.
I think the aggravation comes from the fact that it doesn't have to be this way with a little preparedness.
For example: It's 1:34pm. You need to get our daughter downtown for her doctor's appointment by 2:15 the latest. What does he do? He calls me at 1:34pm and rants about how he has so much to do and that he left his keys on the table and our daughter moved them. Here is a hint, big boy, don't leave your keys on the table. Put them on the rack behind the front door.
Of course, this aggravates him and then he's ranting again. By this time it's 1:45pm and he needs to take two trains to get to the doctor's.
What drives me absolutely bonkers is when he says, "I have plenty of time." This is frequently mentioned when I tell him he'll be late.
My second phrase that sends me up the 'pissy creek' is "No one seems to be bothered except you. So what if I'm late. I'm here now."
Ok, dude, I may be the only one saying this is a problem. I'm not saying it's earth shattering but it conveys that your time is more valuable than the others in the room.
I'm not Mrs. Punctual but I do try to make an effort and I try to prepare knowing with a baby, I need to add at least 30 minutes to my preparation to head out the door.
I hope to all hopes that my daughter is a bit more punctual.