Monday, July 06, 2009


BG is trying to scoop things in her spoon now.

She's been good with me filling her spoon and then holding the spoon and feeding herself but now she wants to try to scoop and fill it.

Yesterday, she tried to pick up the food that was in her bib pocket. Then when that didn't work, she took a carrot and stuck it on the spoon but when she tried to bring it to her mouth, she tipped the spoon over and the carrot fell.

She's mimicking more. Aside from the spoon, she pretends she's on the phone. It's hysterical as she really hasn't gotten the idea that the 'phone' should be on her ear so she puts it behind her head.

She's also crawling around at a record pace. I turned around to grab some clothes for her and she was out the bedroom door crawling down the hallway.

She's also doing this left leg foot walk where she crawls with her right leg but lifts up her left so that she pushes off on her foot. Pretty soon she's going to do that with her right foot, I'm sure.

I can't believe that tomorrow she will be turning 1. That blows my mind. This time last year, I was in a movie theatre watching 'Wall-E' wondering when our baby would arrive.

I asked DH how he felt being a dad to a '1 year old' and he said, "Fine. I'm going to be a dad for the rest of my life." I think he's excited.

She's clearly hugging me now and reaching for me which makes my heart warm up every time. Her morning smile just radiates the home and makes the start of the day delightful.

I suppose I should ask myself, "How do I feel being a mom to a 1 year old?" Phenomenal. My daughter is healthy, happy, smart, personable and loved. I couldn't ask for anything more.

In the past year, we gone through enough diapers to probably cover a cross country trip to California, read enough parenting books and magazines to write one on an infant's first year, changed my mind on parenting styles, learned I was a stronger woman than I thought I'd be, learned to be more patient, learned to be more accepting and got that much closer to not sweating the small stuff (even when the small stuff is big stuff).

On the relationship front, I wish I had more time with my spouse and I wish I didn't feel as though I need to be the duck kicking underwater but in the end, I know God gave me the strength and talents to do certain things just as God gave my husband talents in other areas.

All in all, it's been a tough year for my relationship with my husband but with hard work and communication, I think we've strengthened our relationship. It's going to get harder but we're not naive and know that our foundation is strong and we will continue to protect it and build upon it.