Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So BG has been giving DH a rough time with naptime.

Normally, she gives us cues for naps around 10:30am and 2:30pm.

I bring her to the bedroom and she goes to sleep within 30-40 minutes. I know that that's long but some folks have a longer routine.

She generally sleeps for 3.5 hours during the day and 11 hours at night.

Unfortunately, DH claims that without the magic boobs, BG opts to play and not nap even though she clearly is tired. I don't know about most babies but our baby walks around like a drunken sailor doing face plants here and there.

I've also figured out that the bedroom is too light and we'll need to black out the bedroom so we've purchased room darkening shades. Actually, I bought them over a year ago while I was pregnant and as things go, DH will eventually put them up.

Anyway, today DH thought BG was ready for naptime. She crawled from the living room to the bedroom, climbed onto the bed (we have the mattress on the floor) and grabbed her lovely, Jay-Raffe, and fell over on her back. This is what she does with me every night and nap.

DH quickly heated a bottle and turned the lights off and started the nap routine. However, by the time he got everything settled in the bedroom, she was up and about playing with everything and exploring.

"Your daughter psyched me out." was the message I received on my phone.

My theory is DH is the fun and play person while I'm the soother. So when DH comes to the bedroom, it's time to play. When it's me, it's back rubs and storytime and lullabies.

Eventually, BG will fall asleep for DH, usually out of sheer exhaustion.

For now, I just try to take the cues and roll with them.