Thursday, July 23, 2009

If the Hot Peas N' Butter Guy Says it...

During their concert this morning, the singer for Hot Peas N' Butter chuckled and pointed to our daughter and said that she was the youngest kid he's ever seen follow along with the song instructions to pat your head and wave your arms.

I'm pretty sure this is a sign of genius. :-)

They stayed for the entire concert. She had so much fun and they were in the very front and were unable to leave. So the am nap was missed.

By the time they returned home, BG passed out 1 stop shy from our home. As per my husband, as he was carrying her stroller up the subway steps, she folded over like a clamshell but maintained sleep.

She remained asleep until he picked her up out of the stroller to which she got cranky. He put her in bed and before he could even finish completing the diaper check, she fell asleep again.