Monday, July 27, 2009


Honestly, I blink and my daughter gets a little bit taller, a little bit smarter, a little bit wiser and a moves away from being my BG and more like a TG.

This morning, she ceremonially woke us up at 6:30am with a diaper filled to the brim with #1. I recently bought a package of Pampers Premium Cruisers at Target to see if the extra 10% absorbency would reduce the amount of diaper changes we do per night. I'll write my little review after another week goes by.

After the diaper change, she quietly played with her new book, 10 Buttons and returned to me for a quick nibble or two, allowing us to take a quick catnap. Thank you baby girl.

At 7:30, she came over to me and we did our Good morning song and started the day.

I was just admiring how it's nice that she plays by herself and how as long as we have the gates closed and we do a safety check, she can easily crawl from the bedroom to the living room quickly and without worries. I smiled as she followed us to the living room and I splintered to the kitchen to prepare my breakfast, lunch, snacks and breast pump parts for the day as DH continued the cursory safety check.

DH went to the bathroom to freshen up.

As I was finishing up on my sandwich for lunch, I noted how extremely quiet it was. Normally, I can hear the sounds of toys or books or our baby investigating baby safe drawers and bookshelves. I hop over our dog and head out towards the living room and find...

BG sitting on the couch with her laptop (an old laptop we let her play with) and plastic jar of almonds. She's sitting there indian style trying to open the jar.

"How did you get up there? Did Dad put you up there?"

Thoughts run through my head. My husband wouldn't just leave the room with our daughter sitting on the couch. Could she have?

"Where is she?" my husband runs out of the bathroom. "Huh. Guess she used that pillow on the floor to help her climb up onto the couch."

DH congratulated BG as I stood there thinking, just last week she sprouted two more teeth for a total of 4 teeth. She's looking more and more grown up. Yesterday, I noted how her head peeks through the pack and play in our kitchen. She's no longer against the pack and play because now she can see me from the top. Now she's climbing on couches! There goes the 'she'll be safe in the living room while I sprint to the loo.'

DH sat on the couch and moved the jar away and BG gestured for a diaper change. Sure enough she had an early morning poop. DH changed her diaper and then BG turned herself around, put her feet on the edge and pushed her self back down to the floor before landing on her behind. "Well, she got herself down by herself. She put her feet down and then promptly landed on her butt."

She's growing up.

She also likes to stand on her tiptoes to reach for her books on the lower bookshelf in our dining room. One day, I must video this as it's cute as anything and it shows you just how much taller she's gotten. I never thought I'd have to worry about the bookshelf until she was at least two!

On the verbal front, she kills me when I ask her what a sheeps says. With a big 2 front tooth grin, she smiles at me and loudly proclaims, "BAAAAA!!!!!"

She knows what a cow says, a sheeps says and what a horse says. She's shy with the cow and whispers, "Moo", proudly exclaims the sheep sound and generously shares the sound of a horse. I'm in trouble after this as the rest of her flashcard animals include a parrot, a dolphin and a turtle. I have no clue what sounds to make for these animals although she knows the word turtle and happily says it to express her desire to ride her radio flyer turtle.

Oh and she has an affinity for toy cars as she started playing with the matchbox cars a boy in the neighborhood kindly shared with her at the park. Did she go for the minivan or truck? Nope. She beelined to two sports cars. DH thinks she has great taste.