Saturday, May 02, 2009


Ok, it's not as if she knows what she's saying but we have definitive copying.

It started two days ago with her mimicking me saying, "two."

She gets so proud when she mimics us too.

Now she says 'two', 'boo', 'dada' and a weird version of 'who' when we say them.
She also gently gives me 'ten' and 'five' when I ask.

She waves a slow, stately wave as if she was the Queen of England.

She stares at strangers intently as if she's making a judgment call, are you friendly or do I move on? Trips on the bus and subway have become social events for her.

On the playground scene, her hair is pretty attractive to the boys. She's had her share of hair pulling to the point where she has this personal space thing going on. She doesn't mind playing and sharing but get in her face or hover over her and she's going to tell you to back off. She doesn't push but she is pretty vocal.

This time last year, I was panicking because I didn't have half the equipment I was 'supposed' to have. Now, I'm looking at my wipe warmer wondering why I thought this was essential, my diaper pail wondering if that was really necessary and preparing to lower the crib bed for the first time!

Wow time flies.

BG is according to our pediatrician a social vocal girl. She foresees her excelling in these areas. That's a nice way of saying our baby isn't the physical type. That's ok. She's content to play with what's around her and doesn't get too frustrated when she can't reach another toy.

She is slowly learning to pick herself up. She gets to her knees and then sits back down but it's a start.

My little girl is getting mobile. Look out world!