Monday, April 27, 2009

Love seeks to understand

Ok, it’s been a while and it hasn’t been because I haven’t been trying to continue the Love Dare. I have. I’m just stuck.
I can’t complete this task?
Why? Well, my husband isn’t into the dare and honestly, I know that this dare will be futile with my husband’s current temperament.
The dare is to have a dinner with your spouse and focus on him. Learn something new about him. Bring up questions you wouldn’t dare to ask or haven’t thought to ask.
Ok, I can use the we have an infant excuse and dinner consists of cramming something fast into my gut while trying to feed her. I can use the excuse that I work fulltime and by the time I get home, I’ve got my second hat on getting my child ready to settle down and get ready for bed.
The fact is, I feel this exercise would be futile as my husband isn’t the type of guy to open up and if he were to open up, it’s about something that he stewed in his head for a while (a day in his head is a while).
So I’ve been trying to complete this task but I have not been successful. I’m trying to find a good time where we’re both not being parents and not total inundated with ‘to-dos’ that dominate our thoughts.
Maybe I’ll skip this one and try again in a few weeks. I’ll move on to the next one and see what happens.