Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love promotes intimacy

Similar to praying for our spouses, today’s exercise is to guard our spouse. Since we know are spouse more than anyone else, we also are charged with protecting them and sometimes we forget that. We need to take a step back and realize we know our spouse and their vulnerabilities.
So today, and well all week, I’ve been mindful of this special duty and have been praying for my husband, not only to accomplish his goals and dreams but also for him to grow stronger and develop to be a better human. We all should strive to be better human beings. We are reflections of the gift God has given to mankind. It would be a shame for us not to desire to put our best foot forward.
This exercise will be tested when we visit my husband’s mother. Like all mothers, she wants the best for her son but like all moms, they don’t realize the buttons they push. All sons and daughters have a special place for what their mother thinks and says. It may not be apparent but we take our parents words at a higher value and sometimes those words can seem to sting.
As his wife, I have to balance the delicate nature of their relationship and my relationship with her. In the end I remind both of the love they have for each other and how that can lead to passion.
How did I feel after working on this exercise? I was reminded about how privileged and how important I am to my spouse and my spouse to me. We are not just friends but also each other’s protector. When we chose to spend the rest of our lives together, it wasn’t just to help each other grow and develop but to also protect each other and I am privileged to have that purpose.