Thursday, November 13, 2008

My baby flashdancer has a new ride

BG is 4 months and 6 days old.

BG is growing out of her footsies. I was hoping to have her live in them during the winter months but at four months of age her feet are busting out of her 6 month footsies. Then again, Carter’s clothes do run small.
Still, I’m trying to keep her warm but allow her to have accessibility to discover her feet and legs and hopefully roll over.
Last night I went through my box of 6 and 9 month clothes and decided that she’s going to live in her pants and onesies but I’m going to need to stretch her pants for a longer length of time and somehow find a way to keep them from riding up exposing her calves when I’m wearing her.
One of the mom’s in my walking group said her son lives in babylegs, essentially baby legwarmers, and that unlike socks, she shouldn’t grow out of them as quickly. So I searched and found a bunch of adorable babylegs for her to wear instead of footsies. Actually I’m hoping this is a win win as putting on tights on BG has become a workout for me. With the babylegs, I can change her diaper more readily, I won’t have to worry about taking them on and off and hopefully they ‘ll help keep her socks on.
If anyone is interested, babySNAZZ! has great prices and a large selection.

Anyway, all this talk about clothing and winter got me thinking that I should really stock up on her winter clothes but I don’t want to purchase everything and find I needed two articles. So far, I have one snowsuit, a friend gave us. It says 3-6 months but it looks huge. I figure she’ll rarely wear it and only wear it if we take some outdoor snow photos. I have two cute fleece outfits that she can wear when I’m wearing her or transferring her from stroller to car. We also have a Sherpa like coat for her to wear while she is in the winter bundleme in the stroller.
I figure I’ll keep one of the thick crocheted blankets my mom made for her in the car. Is that enough? Is that too much? I don’t want to go overboard. This stuff is expensive and only lasts one season at this age

Her ‘big girl’ stroller came in last night and DH was so excited he put it together immediately. The instructions were very limited but with the help of the internet and some trial and error, we figured out the bells and whistles. Hubby calls it a ‘fashionable’ stroller. He likes the smooth ride on the double wheels and likes the ability to lock the front wheels straight. The only thing he dislikes is the scrawny cup holder.
DH wanted to take it out today for a spin but it’s raining and I haven’t purchased the rain cover yet. Guess I should grab that soon as I believe DH’s ‘new toy’ is BG’s new ride.

BG is playing with objects slowly but surely.
BG can play alone happily for 20-30 minutes.
BG put her ring rattle around her wrist like a bracelet. I guess accessorizing starts early for girls.
BG is becoming more vocal and does this throat roll that is very cute.
BG started giggling more. Apparently when I imitate a dog and "Arf" it's funny. Bow wow isn't so much.
BG is liking roly poly ollie more and more.
BG whined but stayed in a modified cobra position for 2 minutes today.

I'm so proud of her.