Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MTA is not mommy/baby friendly

BG is 4 months and 4 days old.

Yesterday BG and I rode the subway with the stroller for the first time. There is a reason why I’ve worn her on the last few trips on the subway.
In total, I carried BG’s stroller up and down 5 flights of stairs. It was the most tiring thing to do. The MTA needs to provide more elevators at the subway stations.
I had planned to take a trip crosstown to visit my brother so he could see his niece but after the 5 flights of stairs, I was ready for a nap. Thankfully, DH was on his way home so he drove to the Museum of Natural History to pick us up and take us to my brother.
We had lunch with my brother and BG got to snuggle next to her uncle for a bit.
She had her next round of vaccinations at the pediatricians and she was my brave little girl. The only thing I didn’t like was the nurse that took her measurements was a bit callous with her handling of BG. I caused her to cry and her mom to get a bit upset.
We also asked the doctor about her waking up screaming the last few nights and the doctor suspected night terrors. He said it was uncommon this early but not unheard of. He said it may be genetic as well. Go figure. I don’t recall having them but neither does my husband.
He finally recommended everyone in the house receive the flu shot not just me. The thought is she will receive some immunities from my breastmilk and my flu shot but the family should be protected. She’ll be old enough for her flu shot in a few months but in the meantime, we should all receive the shot.