Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Love makes good impressions

Greet your spouse today with a smile and enthusiasm. Ok, I felt foolish about this because yes, I’ve fallen into that rut where I greet my DH with a kiss every time but since the baby, it’s been a kiss with a haggard expression.
I know sometimes it can’t be helped. You’re exhausted and could use the relief. You secretly wonder how your DH can go off and spend 4 hours at the gym while you’re lucky to get 20 minutes to shower and freshen up. You sometimes count the minutes until your DH returns home so he can watch your infant so you can cook/clean/nap/bathe etc.
Still, it is very important to greet your spouse with joy and comfort. ‘I’m so glad you are here’ but now in a, ‘Here take the baby, I need to clean up the mess in the kitchen’ sort of way.
Positivity begets positivity and I want my DH to be happy to return home to me and our baby.
Plus we bounce off of each other so if I’m tired, he’s going to react and be tired. If I’m happy and helpful, he’s going to be happy and helpful or at least that’s my theory.
My baby is the perfect example of making a good impression. She greets us every morning with a wide toothless grin and flails her legs and arms joyously when she sees us. It warms the heart and makes you feel good all over.
So I took my baby’s lead and greeted my husband today not with just my usual kiss hello and inquiry to his day. BG and I did greet him with kisses of hello but I also made a concerted effort to smile and be more light hearted and uplifting.
I think it opened the air a bit more for us. I don’t have anything tangible to show but rather it’s more of a feeling.
I’m going to try to continue to lighten the greetings. After all, I have the best person to lead by example from.